Since time immoral, blood has been connected to youth, vitality and immortality. The blood of children and virgins, in particular, has long been converted for its life-giving properties – both as a sacrificial offering and a substance to be ritually imbibed.

Mythology and history each revere the symbolic and material properties of blood. They depict it as an elixir of life, released at the moment of death. The spilling of blood, both symbolic and ritualistic, is inextricably bound to the acquisition of knowledge about salvation, eternal life, and humanity's relationship with the Divine. 

Alongside its spiritual dimension, the visceral nature of blood aligns it with the thirst for power and wealth on our terrestrial plane. The physical and spiritual properties of blood are indistinguishable, bound together by blood through a cycle of death and rebirth. Human history is cyclical and blood is the glue which binds everything together.  

Adrenochrome is the chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3 synthesised from the oxidation of adrenaline in the bloodstream. It's a powerful rejuvenating, psychotropic elixirharvested from the pineal gland of child donors.

The inherent difficulty of the propagation and extraction of adrenochrome, has long made it a highly exclusive product and the province of vampiric elites. The ADRENOCHROME Foundation intends to enlarge the market capitalisation of adrenochrome. 

While high levels of consumption of adrenochrome will remain restricted to the upper echelons of society, the chemical compound will finally be made available to a wider customer base via ADC coin. This is a unique opportunity to invest in the future of ADRENOCHROME and partake in the cryptographic ritual