The Adrenochrome Foundation is a pure fabrication by visual artist Natalie Lambert. Her creative practice explores how the post-capitalist power structure is constituted from dynamic, cybernetic energy flows swirling between the productive, vampiric apparatus of Capital and hegemonic, parasitic appetites of the State – each bound to the other in a viral circuit of mutual excitation, dependency and exploitation.

The current locus of her practice is the interdisciplinary, integrated project ADRENOCHROME (ADC), which launches as an ICO at the Central Saint Martins Degree Show, London, in May 2018. The project draws on structural installation, experimental sculpture, 4D video, 3D modelling, 2D images, online websites, content and digital assets, crypto-trading platforms and a ‘live’ cryptocurrency ADRENOCHROME (ADC).

ADRENOCHROME indirectly and obliquely references discourses surrounding post-capitalist power structures, elite occult rituals, and the intersection of finance / capital and State power / authority. As a project, ADRENOCHROME seeks to employ the dream logic of the conspiracy theory to map, explore and elicit the parallel dimensions of these forces.

Adrenochrome is the chemical compound C9H9NO3 synthesised from the oxidation of adrenaline. It's a powerful rejuvenating, psychotropic elixir, sourced from the adrenalized blood of sacrificial child victims, traded by the elites for vast sums of money.

Blood has a long mythopoetic history connecting it to youth, vitality and immortality. Since time immoral, blood – in particular the blood of children / virgins – has been coveted for these properties, both as a sacrificial offering and a substance ritually / ceremonially imbibed.

The ADRENOCHROME project explores the occult potentialities of blood both metaphorically / poetically and as an actual digital / material product.