History and its drivers is cyclical, and blood holds it together.   

ADRENOCHROME is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3, formed by the oxidation of adrenaline in blood. It is most commonly harvested from the pineal gland, and its difficult extraction has made it a very exclusive product. As a result, it has most often been associated with the exceptionally wealthy and very powerful. 

Until now.

ADRENOCHROME (ADC alt-coin) is a new, open-source, decentralised cryptocurrency. Holders of ADRENOCHROME can use it for the exclusive purchase of ADRENOCHROME. Each transaction on the ADRENOCHROME blockchain incurs a small fee, which is reinvested in the international sourcing, harvesting and trafficking of ADRENOCHROME (ADC). ADC is available on most cryptocurrency ERC20/altcoin trading sites.







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ADRENOCHROME (ADC) is an ERC20 token, which facilitates the high-velocity, cryptographically secure international trading of the chemical compound Adrenochrome (C9H9NO3). 

ADRENOCHROME (ADC) is a next generation, open-source and decentralised public blockchain cryptocurrency, which utilises smart contract technology. Each transaction on the Adrenochrome blockchain incurs a small transaction fee (“bloodletting”), which is auto-reinvested in the global sourcing and distribution of Adrenochrome.

Adrenochrome can be purchased exclusively at Customers must use ADC coin to complete the transaction. For further information visit or buy Adrenochrome now at